Tuesday, January 22, 2008

If there's anyone still out there, I bid you a fond farewell...

Hiya. Well, my "make break" has gone on a little longer than I had planned. And although I wish I could report that all this time I've been secretly working on lots of exciting new items for my shop, alas, no. I've been chasing my little guy around the house, going for long relaxing walks, enjoying the freash air, catching up on celebrity gossip, and getting snuggled into bed BEFORE 10 p.m.. It's been dreamy. So dreamy, in fact, that I've decided to call it quits on the old blog (not that I was ever that on top if it anyway).

I'll still be around though. I've got loads of fabric and materials out in the studio that need to be used up, so I'm going to work on a shop listing from time to time. If you have any questions for me, want to chat, or just say Hi, you can always shoot me a convo over on Etsy. :-)

Thanks for all the support over the past few months. I wish you all the best in 2008!!



Heather said...

Yes, what were we moms thinking when we started blogging... Sounds like you had a nice break. Looking forward to seeing some new stuff in your shop!

Unknown said...

Aw, I'll miss your blog. You were my link to the Bay Area!! Well, I hope you keep on enjoying your time away from blogging!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to see you leave the blogging world, but I'm very happy for you to enjoy your little ones and the happiness that life brings! I mentioned your name on my blog! Please do stop by sometime!

Anonymous said...

:-( (my selfish sad face)
:-) (my happy-for-you face)
enjoy yourself, but please do stay in touch, amykins!

kalurah said...

*sniff, sniff*
You are the THIRD gal on my Blogroll to go Bye-Bye.
Take care of yourself and your family! :)

iSew said...

awwww, so sad to see you go but happy you've got way better things to do and you're smart enough to do them. ha!

Good luck to ya, I'll be watching your shop.

It was nice to hear about someone so close by, I'll miss your great local travel trips.

Anonymous said...

I'll miss reading your updates - I've enjoyed your blog! :) I'll keep an eye out on your etsy shop to see your new creations.