Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A sweater for sweetpea

Just before Thanksgiving I finished this adorable sweater for my little sweetpea. The pattern is "Helena" from Knitty. I used Patons ultra soft Silk-Bamboo yarn. I think the colorway is "Plum".

The sweater is a pretty quick knit. I modified the pattern to have only four repeats on the lace. I also wanted a short-sleeve, because a.) I thought it would look really cute and b.) I was afraid I might run out of yarn. I also added vintage brass buttons, instead of ties.

The only bummer is that, in my inexperience, I picked up too few stitches along the front and neck, so it has a bit of a pucker. Drat! I might try blocking to see if I can get it to lay flatter. Otherwise, I'm thrilled with how it turned out!


Unknown said...

Hey there, old bloggy friend! What a Gorgeous sweater, on such a gorgeous little girl!! I keep meaning to pull out my needles and knit my kids a sweater. I even have all the yarn ready!

larissa said...

the cardi fits her beautifully! and i love the short sleeves on kiddos. Thanks so much for stopping by my space. and the modern kids pieces your husband designs are absolutely gorgeous!