Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"T" is for turtle

Oy. Thus far, this has been such a crazy week! I have been finishing up a loosely "jungle-themed" baby gift basket for my friend Jane (pics to come) that seems to be taking me forever for some reason. SOOO many ideas, so little time, (and so easy to get sidetracked...:)). Not to mention there are more little teeth sprouting in Kai's mouth right now. Add that to the "but mommy why would I nap when I can STAND UP in my crib!?" moves he's been trying out lately and "naptime" has been a serious struggle. Ever have one of those days where you feel like you are running ALL day? Yeah. It's kinda been like that. Whew. :)

I have been making progress on some important projects though. You might have seen a little patchwork sea turtle named Koa in my shop awhile back. Koa is a very special (read: difficult for me to part with!) little turtle who went to live with a couple of sweet little girls (with a very talented mom). Apparently there's just not enough Koa to go around (see here), so I was asked to make a sibling for Koa. I don't have her finished or named yet, but here's a pic of Koa's sib in progress...

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Anonymous said...

I came across your blog through seeing a gourgeous little ball you made on Etsy. I just wanted to post and say I love Koa!! He's so cute. When I have some extra money I might even beg you to make one for my little boy.(and the ball too haha)

ps I also LOVE the name Kai! I've never heard it before. Makes me wanna have another boy and steal you name! LOL