Wednesday, June 4, 2014

HYVE by Herbst Produkt on Kickstarter!

Hi! It's been awhile, but I just had to share this...
On June 3 my husband Scot launched his first-ever Kickstarter campaign called 'HYVE'. He has been working so hard on this project.

There are multiple ways to use the HYVE system:

Craft Room Organization

Magnetic Surfaces (NOTE: Fabric Coupon :-) )

My favorite... HYVEs + HYVE Planks for vertical organization or home decor.

Lovely, right? 
We would LOVE a link, pin, share or your support! 28 days to go! (Did I mention the whole Kickstarter situation is totally nerve wracking? uggh.) 

Thanks for stopping by. Wish us luck! 
Cheers! ~Amy

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