Thursday, November 18, 2010

URCHIN Felt Bowls

I've been having fun with thick "designer" wool felt.

These bowls came to me after playing with paper shapes and structure. I'm calling them "URCHIN" bowls because, well, they remind me of sea urchin shells.

The bowls are simple to make. The thick wool felt has a sculptural quality and it feels great--soft and squishy. The best part is that the bowls are relatively unbreakable (an important feature around our house!).

Filled with your favorite sweets, I think these felt bowl sets would make fantastic Holiday party hostess gifts.
If you're interested in making your own I've posted the pattern for sale here in my shop. Cheers! ~Amy

**OH! I forgot to mention... become a fan of Kaiku Design on Facebook and you could WIN a set of my URCHIN bowls! Contest Nov 19-30th.**


jane said...

Those bowls are gorgeous, Amy!

I'm going looking for some thick wool felt this weekend :)

Amy Herbst said...

Thanks Jane! Yes, it's quite fun. Try Their 9x18 sized pieces of 3mm felt work perfectly to make 2 of my URCHIN bowls.