Saturday, October 3, 2009

So, we bought a Madsen kg271 Cargo Bike

And here it is!...

Yes, that's me on our new Madsen Kg271 cargo bike. (If you're not familiar, see the Madsen site here). The bike is awesome so far (3 days). We were all able to go out this morning for a test ride with DH behind taking pics and making sure everything was going a-ok with the littles in the bucket.

I am so excited about this because up until now I've been walking the kids everywhere in my BOB duallie. And when I say WALKING and EVERYWHERE I mean... to and from preschool 2x/day, to the grocery store (with "miss A" kicking a gallon of milk the whole way home because there's nowhere to put groceries on the BOB), to the library, park, etc. and a 5 mile roundtrip to the Children's Museum about every other week. (Yes, I agree, a five mile trip deserves a bike!)

Not that I don't love walking, mind you, it's just so fun to ride a bike. And now that I can take the tots along with me it, well, it's just that much more fun! (BTW - miss A is only 12 months and I'm relieved to say she did great seatbelted in the Madsen bucket just like big bro!)

And, of course, after owning the Madsen for only a day I just couldn't wait to sew up an accessory for it... so I made up this soft cover for the bucket...

I first thought I'd make the cover out of a nice outdoor fabric, like Sunbrella. But then I found this buttery piece of heavyweight cotton twill in my fabric stash and I just couldn't resist. I love how it turned out! I'm sure it won't hold up as well as outdoor fabric, but now that I've made one, it'll be easy to whip up another should I fancy an upgrade down the line.

I'll be writing more about my experiences with the Madsen as time passes. In the meantime if you're interested in a couple of reviews by more experienced cyclists, there's a nice one here at A2W and another from Julian + family at Totcycle.

Happy riding!


MamaVee said...

your cover looks Prof made and perfect for the madsen. You've given me an idea for my own cargo bike and making a cover like that someday. ( although I don't sew, my husband does...)

I can't wait to hear about your madsen journey.

iSew said...

That is one sweet ride! How fun.

Julian said...

Nice cover! I was dreaming of one with waterproof top and snuggly fleece inside so it can double as a blanket for cold rides.

kT said...

since i can't test drive one - no local dealers - do you feel ok about the weight pulling the bike with kids and some goodies like groceries? how about on small to moderate hills?


Amy Herbst said...

Hi kT. We bought the Madsen w/o test driving. Like you, just did as much online research as I could.
The weight in the back is definitely noticable. When the baby (23lbs) and I go to pickup my son we breeze to school. On the way home, with his additional weight (35lbs) in back I really feel the difference. It doesn't help that he only wants to sit in the way back facing forward now. Ideally, I think you want the weight as close to you as possible (as pictured). We're pretty flat here in San Jose, so I can't say much about hills. That said, I usually keep the gearing right in the middle and it's perfect, so there's definitely room for shifting if we encountered a hill. I've heard of some folks modifying w/electric assist for hilly areas.

It's really a fun bike. Hope this helps!

kT said...

i didn't realize you are in san jose - i live in monterey! thanks for the feedback! when i get mine i'd love you to make me a cover that i could possibly use with a basic pad lock. enjoy your new toy!!